Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Twilight Effect! Fan Proposes at Eclipse Premiere!

OOoh! this is absolutely sweeet! Twilight is keeping love alive isn't it? watch this real life proposal at Eclipse premiere, awesome couple! :D

via twifans


jaygeeem said...

That was absolutely precious! What a sweet couple-- such a neat guy to have chosen that place and time for a proposal. It just couldn't be any more romantic than that. It literally brought tears to my eyes!



Apotamkin said...

I loved it too and they are both the cutest young couple. I'm happy Edward and Bella are having this effect on the young generation may be twilight is the fix for abused love:)

jaygeeem said...

It will be something they will always remember!


woobie_71 said...

Oh goodness, that required a lot of guts. How sweet! So glad all the people in the theater were in good spirit and didn't ruin the moment with "booohs" or something. This would have been impossible in the theater I went to.
But I agree, Twilight seems to bring back the romance big time. It did so for me as well.

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