Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Untagged EW Outtake of the Trio!

A full length, untagged version of this cool shot of the Trio from their EW shoot! Apotamkin likes:)

via Robsessed


Apotamkin said...!

Jan this is the slow version of bbheart enjoy!

jaygeeem said...

Two gifts from you in one day!! This lovely full body of our favorite people plus the SLOW version of Black, Black Heart! Thanks, Apotamkin--

I have really enjoyed the gifts. The song in on endless loop in my head all day. I think I've listened to this song 30 times at least today. I have to say that as sad as I get with New Moon, it is bearable with Black, Black, Heart!

Well now you knew I had an "addiction problem," right? LOL--

Apotamkin said...

same syndroms here too Jan I'm completely addicted:)

jaygeeem said...

Well, at least I can at least be honest about it here-- and your blog has been such a good way to take out my obsessions. It has kept me quite sane actually. LOL.

So glad I found this Twilight place!!

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