Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Runnaways DVD and Blu Ray Cover!

Behold the new cover for the DVD and Blu-Ray of The Runnaways!

The DVD is out tomorrow in the US, still didn't come to theatres here in Dubai.. posters were spotted around though by the curious Apotamkin eye;)



jaygeeem said...

I am getting this DVD and can't wait to watch it. Hopefully I will see Eclipse first, LOL.

Apotamkin said...

me too i'll wait for it in cinemas it will be great to c kristen outside the twilight zone:)

jaygeeem said...

I am more anxious to see this one than Rob's "Remember Me"- not that I wouldn't love to see Rob in that film-- I heard he did a great job in it. I just don't want to see a sad film and I know I will cry when I see that one. It is sort of like watching New Moon-- except at least with New Moon-- you know the sadness will be happiness at the end.

That isn't really possible in "Remember Me." He's simply gone and no amount of rationalizing and explaining it can make it anything other than devastating. But I will get up the courage to see that some day and hopefully I will purchase it as well. Maybe I could watch it again and again-- but who wants to be sad? Not me!!

The Runaways, on the other hand, should be a fun film. I know they get into some serious issues, but in the end-- they do survive.

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