Friday, May 7, 2010

Rob Visits Fans' Home on Oprah!

I can't even imagine the size of the squeals getting a surprise home visit from Rob! Well, who does it better than Oprah?!
The episode airs on Rob's Big Big Birthday May 13th on Oprah show

.. till then we must satisfy ourselves with a first hand account!

" all started with an email to the Oprah show. I just told her that the entire family were huge fans and if you came over and you were NOT a twilight fan then "YOUR NOT COMING". Where? We didn’t know. We just said your not coming to anything with us unless you were a fan. They apparently loved that line. So Sunday night they called and said that the show was totally booked but there might be a slight chance that we can pre tape something with skype. Now...she said a very slim chance. They were calling thousands of people. She asked me to send pics of my family. So in order to get their attention I thought I would be a great idea to take pictures as the “Cullen Family”. I waited all day on Monday to hear from them to see if we would be doing the skype thingy. Just when I started to give up it was around 10:30pm and they called. THE TWILIGHT PICTURES DID THE TRICK. They were so amazed on how my son Giuseppe looked so much like Edward. They told me to expect a skype kit to pre-tape a very short segment around 8pm on Tuesday night. They told me a hundred times “Sorry the show is full & we couldn’t give you tickets. So on Tuesday the skype kit came and I waited all day again for directions on how it was going to work. They called at 5pm and said we were going to do a practice run with skype and we would be live with oprah on the show in the morning. They told us do not dress up wear comfortable cloth because you will be moving furniture and it was just a test run. She actually told us to wear our pjs. At 8pm they called us on the skype cam to set everything up. We wasted about on hour just setting up the room. They kept telling me make sure all the blinds are close the camera is sensitive to light. (which now I know it’s because they didn’t want us to see him pull up.) They were asking random questions really just filling in time until I saw a camera crew through the small window on my front door and the people on skype heard me and said “go open the door” Well….that was it we all lost it. Screaming like a bunch of maniacs. Rosanna was crying, Giuseppe was frozen and everyone else was jumping a screaming. He stayed for about 10 minutes. Even though it felt like a week. And we just were all amazed that he was in our house. I told him me and Rosanna stalked him in NYC for the Remember Me premiere and he said “yeah I think I remember you” which was an obvious joke. I asked him is Kristen was here too and he said “well fine…I’ll just leave then”. Other things were said but I was in so much shock I cant remember. It is so weired. His lips were moving and I know he was talking but all I heard was wah wah wah. (kind of like snoopy and Charlie Brown). Then he told us we had tickets to the show. Again lots of screaming. He was great. So nice. Funny. And sooo tall. You was beautiful. I still cant believe it. So we went to the show and they had our names on our seats so we felt to privileged. Robert, Taylor, Kristen, & Dakota all sat and talked to oprah and then they showed the footage of him knocking on doors. He went to 3 homes in Naperville. We were the last ones. When he was leaving my house he said to the camera “I really want to stay and hang out at this house.” It was amazing. We all got a certificate to order Bella’s engagement ring from eclispe. The audience got to see the movie while he made his visit to our house. It is something we will never forget. Oprah & Robert was great but hearing my kids say “thanks for making this happen”……absolutely priceless!!!

(Apotamkin is deep green now:) )

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jaygeeem said...

Jan is even greener! LOL

Apotamkin said...

:D I would love to see ROB but he has shut himself off to tone down the craziness and I just love good old spontaneous Rpattz nothing made me laugh more than his old interviews and unaffected reactions.

jaygeeem said...

Unfortunately, fame has to change these folks. I can not even begin to imagine what it would be like to be stalked by fans and the press like they are today.

All of the Twilight actors started out as relative unknowns until Twilight hit the big screen. They really are superstars now. They can not ever go out in public without people following them around for pictures, autographs, and interviews. This would be a terrible invasion of privacy and has to change them forever, don't you think?

It is sad to think that most likely that "old" Rob from the past, the unaffected Rob, is probably gone forever.

Apotamkin said...

it's sad.. I completely feel for them and i never post pap pix so as not take part in this charade and never monetize for the same reason and i m proud to say i was the first to take this stand. I just love them! they have lost their freedom and the pleasure of being normal, God helps them...

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