Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Random Rob Outtakes!

I found those cool random outtakes of Rob from various shoots via lunanuevameyer

more to be posted!


jaygeeem said...

Oh my!! I just got done watching the Twilight movie-- well didn't watch it all. But it is "On Demand" here and so I can call it up through my cable tv whenever. When there isn't anything really worth watching or as I do it, have it on in the background when I am doing other things. I can pause and stop and watch. So I have been seeing lots of Rob (and the others) the last 2 days, and now this!! You are so feeding my obsession, Apotamkin! Big Time-- LOL.

Rob has gotten so much more sophisticated looking since Twilight-- although he's hot enough in Twilight too. Even in New Moon, his look was stepped up a notch. I guess I never get tired looking at that man. If I'm not careful, I will end up with all kinds of Rob pictures on my walls. I am hoping that is not the case, though-- LOL. I have to draw the line somewhere!


Apotamkin said...

Well he is in the bro / sunny zone for me lol! that's my line ;) truly and weirdly dear! I have watched Edward fast forward on the new moon DVD the other day. you get to watch all Edward scenes and every thing in between is FW, how nice!
I love watching twilight and fan vids of twilight but with new moon i can't I don't know why may be it's the nature of the story the acting felt artificial and prolonged with twilight it was so genuine! I think. Kathrine Hardwicke penetrated our defenses:)

jaygeeem said...

I absolutely loved New Moon (the movie) because it stuck so close to the book. I love Twilight (the movie) too because I absolutely love, love, love the book. I wasn't too fond of the way the movie diverted so from the story, but I understand that Summit was taking a risk on that first movie and everything was done on the cheap. The first movie gave us the wonderful cast and the essence of the love story and the music absolutely rocks my world! Katherine Hardwick accomplished alot given all of her restrictions.

New Moon was so hard for me to watch the first couple of times because I would just sob after Edward ditched Bella in the woods. Now I can watch it knowing that Edward is going to be there for the last half hour. And I have the music on my ipod and I absolutely love that as well.

Am I an addict? Yeah, pretty sure I am. LOL

Apotamkin said...

yes we are official addicts my dear:)

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