Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great Fan-made Eclipse Trailer!!

I found you what I think is the best fan made Eclipse trailer to date, enjoy!

by TheForeverBellaSwan


jaygeeem said...

Yes, that is a winner!

Every time I see an Eclipse trailer, I just become that more anxious for the movie. It is going to be a good one.

And it was an excellent thing to wake up to!!



bellacullen900 said...

well... i LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!! could you visit mine sometime? I follow you. Go to this:


Apotamkin said...

glad u love it Jan it's hard to find cool ones. I like this one a lot!

@bella:) thanx for stopping by! i will visit ur site sure and follow u!

bellacullen900 said...

Hey It's me I just LOVE this trailer!!! :) Anyway I see you follow me now...THAT'S GREAT! I see you don't have an "About Me" gadget on here....I would like too find out a little more about you what you like and if your a boy or girl (your user name doesn't give much character on your gender). (P.S. this is ALL I want to know. I do NOT want any personal information)Please let me know (all you have to do is write a comment on my blog!) :) bye!

Apotamkin said...

hi bella i have the details a little below on my left margin:) but will drop by ur blog to give u a boost u r a starter:)

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