Monday, May 31, 2010

Luna Park Fan Event with Kristen & Taylor!

Eclipse fans in Australia going crazy at the sight of graceful Kstew and dashing Taylor!

that little yellow skirt is so cute with the back ruffles! only Kstew can flaunt that:)


jaygeeem said...

KStew can pull anything off! But her skirt is really cute on her. She sure has a pair of long legs, doesn't she?


jaygeeem said...

About the video-- those two girls at the end-- obviously Team Jacob. I love Tayler Lautner too but no way would I have wanted to see Bella get together with Jacob! Edward and Bella just belong together-- and Edward is the ultimate in a soulmate as far as I am concerned.



woobie_71 said...

Yellow is my least favorite color for clothes, but yes she looks adorable in that skirt.
I don't like the two fans at the end. Why is it always about the hotness? When I was 14 I didn't dream of anything like that.

You know we have the best Forks weather today, it's been raining like mad for hours. Very enjoyable Memorial day. It gives me some time for my other addiction, wich was wonderfully compatible with Twilight. I am a big fan of The Sims 2. I don't play much but I love to build. Currently I am building Edward and Bellas cottage as well as the honeymoon house on Isle Esme.
Jan, are you following Apotamkin on facebook too?

jaygeeem said...

I don't really do Facebook. I hate to have too much information out there. (I work in a very formal professional office and it is too easy for people to look you up on Facebook and make assumptions they should not. I have to be very careful as to what I say and do online-- especially in such a public place as Facebook has become.) So no, I am not doing Apotamkin on Facebook-- I really don't do much on Facebook at all. Just call me "paranoid." LOL.

I am making a big pest of myself, though, right here on Apotamkin's blog. LOL

Rainy days are nice sometimes. It sounds like Woobie is making the best of it!! LOL.


Apotamkin said...

Woobie you are thinking twilight all the time too lol! our life is defined in twilightish terms whether it's the weather or anything else we are weirdos! Jan:)I understand your facebook concerns I had them for a while because it has a bad reputation in eastern communities where posting pix to be viewed by strangers is totally unacceptable but eventually people who are forced to be apart have been brought together by it and if it wasn't for facebook I wouldn't have started my twilight addiction as I mostly followed twilight blogs through it: people at my office know about my blog but they don't care to look it up because I guess they think I'm incapable of providing good material being an egyptian woman and all! despit working in the media no one is familiar with twilight! so I'm safe and free and amused beyond belief:)

jaygeeem said...

Facebook is a double-edged sword here in the states. As nice as Facebook can be for making contact with faraway friends, too many employers now routinely check Facebook to learn all sorts of things about employees and future employees. More than a few people have lost their jobs or not been hired because of their postings in Facebook. It is simply too easy to become lax and too informal on that site. People say things that they should only say in private-- not quite realizing how their words may be misconstrued and passed on to the wrong parties.

I do have an account there, but it is very locked down and I don't do any joining or discussing in there whatsoever. I do keep track of some of my former acquaintances. I am able to get phone number and private emails for contact. But I do not use it routinely or as a social network. I work in the legal field and so I really have seen how people get themselves into big trouble over so-called innocent things - on the internet--with My Space and Facebook among others. LOL. So when I say, I am paranoid-- that is where I am coming from. I am not brave in that respect.

You are fortunate that you don't have some of those issues that are so prevalent here. The internet can sometimes be the worst curse ever over here. LOL

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