Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Making of Neutron Star Collision!

The Making of "Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)"

MUSE | MySpace Music Videos

Neutron Star Collision in the making! some eclipse footage and introducing the singers of Muse.



jaygeeem said...

You are very good at finding this stuff, Apotamkin. This was an interesting and captivating video. I absolutely am loving that song. The words are so inspiring and romantic.

Muse is now one of my absolute favorites. They are so versatile and of course, they are associated now very closely (for me anyway) with Twilight. You would like their CD's. I have three of them now.

I also have pre-ordered the Eclipse soundtrack from Amazon. So I am going to be very familiar with the Eclipse soundtrack music before I even see the movie. Good grief! You would never know that I am an old person, would you? I can keep up with the youngest of the Twilight Saga fanatics, I am afraid. LOL.

As ever, Apotamkin-- today you did not disappoint!!


Apotamkin said...

thanx Jan! I have u as my motivation beside the twilight drive lol! age is nothing as a twilight believer u should focus more on the soul the eternal unchangeable and most important human feature:) i personally deal on that level only:)my late grand mother god bless her soul was the youngest most lively person I've ever met she was 63 when I lost her I was 18 then and she was my best friend. Seriously at 37.9 i'm as wise as a 70 year old:) i think and testified by people i have an answer for everything! but i like to live as a teen see the beauty of human creativity enjoy music and understand diversity and creativity in all its forms:) twilight was my chance to open up instead of holding my views to my self:)

jaygeeem said...

You lost your grandmother too soon-- she was too young as were you. That is tragic.

Twilight celebrates life, I think. Love in all of its forms. Having that in one's life and keeping it alive makes age irrelevant. I refuse to give in to it, as you can see!!

Well, it goes without saying, that your blog absolutely rocks and that is only because of what you are putting into it. You have a beautiful soul and a very creative, intelligent insight. And you are wise beyond your years.


Apotamkin said...

lol! it's obvious u were stalking and studying me too Jan I love u for this you make me feel worth while. It is great to know that the effort i put with my soul reached out to you it's important to me:)
u see souls can cross distances and unite with there matches no matter what it's amazing!
thank u 4 ur wonderful support got to get dressed and get to work see u later this

woobie_71 said...

Aww ...Great, now I'm in love with the both of you! I adore the way the two of you talk, we have so much in common. Unfortunately, both of my besties don't know the books or movies of the Twilight Saga, or care to read them :(
but I have the feeling, that if Apotamkin, Jayeeem and Woobie got together, it would definately not be boring...oh how I wish we could do such a thing!
Both of you really made my day, thank you!

Apotamkin said...

Woobie it is great to have you on board! join our twilightish chats the more the merrier! it is almost 8 months since I launched Apotamkin and you are the only people i know that twilight means something to or cared to approach me! no body gives x about it or even knows why it means so much to me:) but it never stopped me you know by now:)yes I agree we should get together! I wish one day i would some how be united with u in a live twilight event who knows nothing is impossible!
may be you two are geographically closer than me any body planning on coming to Dubai:)

jaygeeem said...

Oh how wonderful! We have another to Twilight talk with!!

I am in the US - in the state of North Dakota. Someday, we may be able to meet. You know nothing is impossible.

But until then, we can meet here at Apotamkin's beautiful blog and talk Twilight-- it bridges the world and gives us beautiful common ground.

Apotamkin said...

Apotamkin is thrilled to have you here you spiced up my blogging time it is just awesome:)

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