Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HQ Full Interview of Rob on Ellen!

Thanx to pattinsonlife and bella'sdiary for this HQ version of the show. Do I need to say how excited I am to see Rob on Ellen? :)
"Patin' Pattinson" is an unprecedented game! very tricky:) See Rob you could still go unrecognized lol!


jaygeeem said...

I am always glad to see Rob, you know that too.

However, that game was so stupid. I thought she should have been able to touch the face and at least had somewhat of a chance. But the way that game was set up-- I just have to roll my eyes at that one! LOL.


jaygeeem said...

I have been having quite a time lately with typos. I will need to go back to the preview post, I guess. I mean, it is pretty pathetic when I can't spell my own name right-- and I have misspelled it twice in two days. LOL


Apotamkin said...

no worries Jan:) u r literally the only one i talk to lol wont confuse u with any one;) and i m sure i m making all sorts of typos but i depend on my communicative skills i am a lousy speller thanx to spelling checkers :)

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