Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Twilight Lexicon Interviews Cathrine Hardwicke!

The lovely ladies at Twilight Lexicon had a meadow like interview with the Twilight Maestro Catherine Hardwicke.
Wonderful interview! I just love listening to Hardwicke talk very soothing and relaxing voice, I guess she breathed her soul into Twilight and that what made it special!

Can't wait to see Red Riding Hood!Just googled that Shiloh Fernadez guy! He was an Edward finalist!


jaygeeem said...

The Lying Down Interview!! Absolutely delightful. Catherine Hardwick laid a great foundation for the Saga. Her choice of characters was just perfect, I think.

Shiloh is a good looking guy-- but I don't see him as Edward-- of course, that is with plenty of hindsight-- so maybe that assessment is unfair. LOL.


Apotamkin said...

He has got the it-is-safe to be around me look but he still has to grow the bone structure:) Rob has it all and the chemistry with Kstew:)Hardwicke the architectural:)

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