Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Eclipse Still!

Love this new still! squeezing my brains for manip ideas!

via source


jaygeeem said...

I absolutely LOVE this one too!

I am going to steal it for my desktop!!

I am liking your background colors too- not too big of a change- very noticeable to us stalkers who are slinking around your wonderful site all the time. LOL.


jaygeeem said...

Okay, I absolutely stole the picture and put it on my desktop. I am still trying to figure my way around Windows 7. This is a good way to do it.

I can hardly wait to see your manip on this one. I will probably have to steal that one too. LOL

Apotamkin said...

lol! it's ok that's why I do them for:) I only change the colores or effects for my blog on a seasonal bases. I try to imagine what would ancient Egyptian apotamkins wear for every season in terms of color and make my own blends:) it keeps me amused:D

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