Saturday, August 14, 2010

New/Old CBS Interview with Rob!

.. and one for Rob because I haven't seen that before either! He probably was sleeping in his suit lol! Good Morning Rob :D It's CBS interview during Remember Me promos. I have watched the film again the other day..wasn't in a good mood and wanted to feed it or kill myself:)


Apotamkin said...

for u sweeties:) if it was in HQ i'd post it but it will do for now :)

and many scenes on the margin but very law quality but again will do lol!

jaygeeem said...

I would bet those scenes were shot surreptitiously in a theater viewing of Eclipse- hence the low quality. However- that didn't matter to me-- loved the scenes-- all the great B & E romance from Eclipse. Wow!

jaygeeem said...

And I have the "Remember Me" DVD in my hot little hands as we speak! My daughter picked it up at the video store to rent over the next few days-- she knew I was interested in it, and my B-day is on Monday. So I guess she wants me to be in a bad mood for my big day?? I am going to have to get myself geared up mentally before I put it in the player or my laptop.

Wish me luck-- LOL.

jaygeeem said...

Just finished "Remember Me."

I think the fact that I knew how it was going to end helped me keep the full-out sobbing at bay. It was really a good movie-- all of the acting was good, very authentic.

In a way, Tyler's death brought out the best-- and helped the family bond together and his friends to face their realities. His father finally came around-- he was definitely coming around before Tyler's death, but Tyler's death cemented it. Allie finally took a subway ride-- the room mate started taking life seriously.

We just never know, do we? We need to appreciate life and shows those we love that we do-- because it can all end in the blink of an eye. And even with death-- the rest of us need to continue living.

It really was a great movie. I am happy to have finally seen it-- but it was a hard one-- a very hard one to see. And it is difficult to read my words on the screen because my eyes are so teared up. So I will quit here and go on to something a bit lighter, I think. I need to brighten my mood before bedtime or I will have terrible dreams.

Tomorrow, ladies!!

Apotamkin said...

yes Jan it has death and at its core and the idea is that what matters most in life is the human bond to put an effort in the moments we r living. Only those ho experience loss know the value of life many live like they are going to last forever and smash everything and everyone in their way.Tayler's friend did not have his values and he stands for the majority unfortunately. I loved Rob's humorous moments speaking french with his sister was so funny his voice was generally different :)

jaygeeem said...

Rob did a great job in that movie. The story is haunting me today.

He played the role of big brother superbly. His relationship with his little sister was precious. And if I think too much about it, I will cry.

I agree that far too many live life carelessly and with little respect for others. The Gandhi quote certainly fit the movie and more people should be aware of it.

As sad as that movie was, I still enjoyed watching Rob. I thought he played Tyler to perfection. And all in all, it really is a very good movie. I know it really has affected me.

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