Sunday, August 22, 2010

Robsten's Lovenest!!

Apotamkin is ecstatic :D

Robsten finally settled in a beautiful secluded love nest! Apparently, the dashing couple moved in together in this exclusive LA house. more details @source

image via source


woobie_71 said...

Oh that's awesome! I was looking for a inspiration for my Sims. And here it is. I'm so happy for them. Really hope the paparazzi don't stalk them there.

jaygeeem said...

Well, Woobie, from the looks of that photo-- some pap in a helicopter is stalking them really well.

I went to the source and read some of the comments afterwards-- one of them mentioning perhaps this place is a fake to throw off the paps and they are really holed up elsewhere.

I just hope they can get some privacy. It is really intrusive now with those photographers latching onto them like they've been superglued. How appalling that they can not go off anywhere by themselves.

Katie said...

Indeed, these two celebrities really looked good together whether on screen or off screen and their love nest fits with their personality as well. There are some homes in Broken Arrow that look like their home and it will suit for those people with laid back personality. Also I know some house for sale in Tulsa and I've been planning to buy a new home there sometime next year.

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