Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meet Edward The Cat!

:D Speaking of cats! I bet Kristen will love this:) that angry Kitty is dressed as Edward:) even with the Cullen crest and the bouffant and all! Wow! It is certainly pale white and the eyes are golden brown:/ .. Edwaaard!



jaygeeem said...

LOL-- Edward the Cat-- hilarious! And he even has the Cullen crest on his right front paw!! Double hilarious!

jaygeeem said...

HMMM-- about Kristen being a crazy cat lady!! Yeah, she should love this!! LOL.

woobie_71 said...

THIS IS DISTURBING! Apotamkin is out to haunt my dreams tonight. So the opposite image I usually have in my head before I go to sleep.


...and I'm a cat lover

jaygeeem said...

I am a cat lover too but I can't quite get my head wrapped around hairless cats-- they are a bit creepy!

Hope he doesn't haunt your dreams, Woobie!!

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