Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Old Outtakes of Rob from Cosmo Girl Mag

Great Cosmo Girl outtakes with Rob Kellan & Taylor. Oldies are always sooo goodies:)

Slideshow combo treat! more@source


jaygeeem said...

Yep-- those oldies but goodies work for me!!

Thanks for the reminder to look down the left column every once in awhile. You have quite a few treasures there-- am liking the Eclipse score tunes.

Apotamkin said...

Hi sweetie how r u? good good:)I play them every day at work they lighten my mood being out in the real world and all :)

jaygeeem said...

I am just peachy, my dear!!

And I loved your Eclipse tunes so much that I fell asleep to them on my ipod last night. You are just too groovy with all the great ideas you give me-- I am really not too original-- LOL

By the way-- had to comment on your cool rendition of Apotamkin down on the left side-- you make a very cool cold one!!

jaygeeem said...


Billy Burke (Bella's dad) is also a musician. He has a new CD out and also a website where you can see the video of the title song, "Removed." Billy writes his own tunes, plays a mean guitar, and has a beautiful, smokey, bluesey voice. I, of course, ordered his CD awhile back because I fell in love with "Removed." His CD is absolutely great-- it is very smooth, romantic, and very easy listening. I can fall asleep listening to it-- and we all know by now that falling asleep to music on my ipod is how I critique music-- LOL



jaygeeem said...

Just another comment on the "Cosmo shoot shots"-- that does have a ring to it--

Rob's hair-- mmm- good! It's really over the top-- makes him look . . . Woobie, I am down in the gutter again!!


Apotamkin said...

thanx sweetie glad u like my face i made it as cold as i can lol:)

thanx for Bill's link I ll check it out i have seen his promos but didn't explore further i will probably love his music sounds like my kind of mellow tunes:)

jaygeeem said...

Yes, do at least check out Billy's website. He is another Twilight star-- albeit not one of the big ones (LOL)-- but he is so talented and his music is so original and it is his-- not covers for other artists.

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