Monday, April 26, 2010

Fan Made Eclipse Trailers!

All I have to say is that: Fans edit it better:)

source 1st by Swichit98
source 2nd by OasisTwilight


Anonymous said...

I could watch these all day- over and over. I really can't wait to see Eclipse. It looks like it is really going to have it all.

Eclipse is my next favorite book in the Saga. Twilight is right there with it. I liked Breaking Dawn too, but since it is the last book-- I am a bit wistful throughout knowing it is the end of the story. Yes, I have read them several times now.

I too believe that Edward and Bella are true soul mates and this is such a sweet romance and wonderful story. Oh, BTW--did I tell you how much I love your website? LOL-- Well, I love your website/blog-- just in case you missed that remark!


Apotamkin said...

lol! thank u so much Jan :) I guess I read it between the lines:) it means a lot to me when people care to communicate with me because they rarely do not like the other top top blogs so I guess I should tell u how much I love getting comments from u :) I do too. lots of love xxx

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