Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Apotamkin's first Birthday!

Can you believe this? I can't! A full year of blogging has passed by! I just find it truly weird that I have been revolving my life for the past year around the times I should be home to check on my beloved twilight stars and speak my heart on how I feel about each post. I'm not trivial, on the contrary that state comes with a person that takes every aspect of life seriously; a mum, an artist and a working woman:)

But what has triggered it all? to what extent has it influenced my life? where is it heading? I can answer as much as I possibly could to tell you more about me my dear invisible friends from all over the world:) Each green dot popping on my stats globe everyday, meant the world to me. It meant I'm committed to not disappoint you as much as I could. I have done this blog for me and for you and the outstanding young talents that are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart whom I have grown to watch over and love like my own:)

Apotamkin was born when I saw that The Cold One creature in Twilight had Egyptian roots and being the only Twilight Egyptian fan at the time, hopefully the number has grown by now:), made me think I have something unique and I could claim it and hopefully people will also google me and get here:)

It actually did work and as I started by ranking 350, now Apotamkin:The Cold one of Egypt ranks 32nd among top Twilight blogs worldwide because of each dedicated fan that visited my den daily throughout the year.

I have no affiliates, had no support or collaborative promotions from other blogs, never used my blog for advertising, harassing Rob and Kristen or use inappropriate language because respect and true love is of huge value to me. I have gained very few devoted commentators whom I "Cherish" as friends and they flatter me by calling themselves stalkers to make me feel happy about myself, but in fact it was all because you, them and me stood together for each other despite the silence and the oceans of times and places which separate us. so thank you deeply:)

The Twilight Saga books have captivated my attention and fundamentally released me, I am in awe of the morality and values that Stephenie Meyer have represented in her work to a world in which love, unity and hope is very much lacking. I have changed the way I ate, I have changed my profession into something I love more than teaching and pursued my long neglected gift of drawing, which has further developed into photo editing of the pretties:). The happiness those changes have brought to me doesn't equal any accomplishment I have done before and to be able to share it with over 2500 facebook followers is just soo fulfilling:)

Like Bella I almost lost my life at child birth, lost every drop of blood and was miraculously saved and given the gift of motherhood to one single adorable child. I relate to Bella and totally identified with her tough moments and that solidified my connection to her.

I often dream more and do my best to seek my dreams to the most because I hate regret and I believe whatever is meant to be will be with an effort, and I don't wait for anything to bare fruit so I don't feel disappointed and to my astonishment; Bella, a fictional girl, half my age, taught me the value of sacrifice and that all after will be ok:)

So I blog everyday with no prospect of more, dream of being part of Breaking Dawn because it will simply be awesome to be part of it and wish one day my long distance nursing of Robsten will bring them happiness ever after:) and await nothing to enjoy the surprises if they ever come:)

I'm Lamia aka Apotamkin: The Cold One of Egypt, wish myself tonight, before the beginning of a new year of clueless blogging, A happy Birth Day to this escape of a blog:)

Should I wish to hear from you or should I carry on with my obsession no matter what, is not for me to decide. I'll just let the surging twilight energy guide my finger tips and will never hold it back:)


Lamia: An Egyptian devoted twifan:)


olejp said...

Congrats on a year! I always enjoy your web site. Good luck and future to you.

Apotamkin said...

thanx a lot olejp you are always there to celebrate with Apotamkin. it is a pleasure to have you here. It would be great to have you join us more often to get to know you better and your favorites, thanx :)

jaygeeem said...

Happy Birthday Blogging "The Cold One"-- That is one awesome entry for the day. Your thoughts are golden and you write and express yourself better than the majority of native English speakers.

You really are an inspiration and I am proud to be one of your faithful blog stalkers. You are the one beautiful creative light in cyberspace.

Wow-- you blew me out of the water with this one, Lamia!! Bravo and Happy B-day!!

Apotamkin said...

Sweetie thank you so much i'm at work will rewite what i want to tell you at my lesuire when i get back home love:)

Apotamkin said...

Hey Jan! how can I get you back in the water lol! I have been so tired yesterday I was sure today will be difficult to carry on with something special on time. Have I thrown in too much? as usual I spoke my mind and published. It is like jumping of the cliff in new moon lol! Well, thank you for your endless support, I have taught my self your language by literally being an entertainment addict monster and I currently work as English editer of entertainment content, I need a spell checker though:)pretty soon when we launch on line will share the link with you. when are you planning to come to dubai Jan? I would love to meet you and take you on a tour here?

jaygeeem said...

Hey-- we don't expect you to perform miracles. Rest up and take a day here and there if need be. We will surely survive it and can just look again at some of your past presentations. There is a wealth of beauty in your archives here.

Well, at least you use a spell checker. There are far too many English speakers online who are allergic to spellcheckers and their writing is absolutely atrocious. All good writers should check their spelling-- and you are a very good writer and are just doing what good writers do.

No traveling for me in the near future-- not abroad, anyway. I am too busy with work and fixing up my home at the moment. But who knows what will happen and things could change?

Apotamkin said...

I really hope I could see you it would be great if we could have a real chat. I wonder where is woobie hope she is ok! thanks dear for ur understanding as usual. u r a great boost of moral :) and i miss Rob and Kristen hope i could find something out there tonight Rob is back in LA. hope they star rehearsals or shoots and be together is the most important thing:)

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