Monday, April 5, 2010

Apotamkin's Review of Remember Me!

Spoiler Alert!!

I have been to Remember Me on its premiere day in Dubai, alone! because I couldn't simply wait longer or wait for company.

Although I have read the script at a time of complete lack of self-control, I had to calm my already disturbed nerves knowing I'm deliberately heading to see what is going to make me miserable for the duration of two hours.

My condolence was that I was sure Rpattz will just be his wonderful self and will flaunt his charm to equalize the misery and that was true but imagine if the context was as meaningful but charged with hope and some delight of any sort.

Not for a single moment have I felt that life is good! life sucked in Remember Me! people were either shot, mobbed, beaten up, framed, abused, neglected, suicidal, detached, bulling, victimized, paranoid or finally blown up!

I tried to see the point or the message of the movie, is it seize the moment before it's too late? Is it retaliate against aggression? Is it family should come first? is it remember what took place at that moment of history and relive the fear? Is it taste the pain of loss like those who have felt it?or eat your desert first? if all together, I don't Know why I am still confused!

Yes, life sucks! and the reality of today's world triple sucks! and what movies should do to help us out is generate hope and positive attitude. Tyler's strategic loss is so pointless at that point when things were heading somewhere towards a resolution. Such twists are expected and appreciated within the context of an action film but I'm positive that ending was a major drawback in that type of script.

I just hope Rob utilizes the love of his fans for setting a good example, for spreading universal moral goodness instead of becoming "a tool" as he once referred to himself.

I couldn't understand Tyler's character; was he a playboy, was he a good guy, great to his sister and smokes beside her, what was going on inside him he has never opened up except in the promotion. He was definitely clueless and angry at the world for the loss of his brother whom we never knew what lead to his suicide, probably went through a similar chain of sh***y events:) but suicide and sudden death isn't the only way out for God's sake!

I liked the movie but seriously me and I guess many will agree a movie that will bring out Rob's fun side and puts aside brooding for a while will definitely be a huge success. The world is in a desperate need for happy endings even if happiness in reality is no where near, it simply helps to take a break and look forward to it with HOPE!

It's a good movie, Rob and Emilie were an 'OK' couple (we got most of their scenes cut out so I can't really tell if Rob did actually notice she was there).

Excuse Apotamkin if it was a harsh critique, I really want the best for you Robby:)


Gwen Cooper 426 said...

Hiya, Apotamkin! Interestingly enough, your review here is what I would have once thought I'd feel---prior to seeing RM. I love/crave/need those happy-ever-afters in my stories, movies & RL! ; ) I also read the script before---cannot handle an overload of angst without preparing for it. But, I do like action movies, so maybe the violence part escaped me a bit.

I honestly LOVE RM---Rob was even BETTER than I hoped & imagined, as were the rest of the cast. IMO, RM is one of the highest quality films I think I've ever seen---it's a truly beautiful movie. I felt that the movie was meant as a eulogy for those lost in 9/11 and was more "big picture" than just about Tyler's life or his final summer.

Strangely, I didn't leave the movie in tears (at any of my 4 viewings), sad yes, but yet hopeful. Just like Ally, the thought of Tyler still makes me smile---and I miss him, fictional or not. Which, to me, was the point. Those lost wouldn't want us to be miserable, nor do they deserve to be forgotten. We honor them in remembering them. Good, bad & all things in between. Tyler was a touch-point for everyone else in the movie---and even with the ending, I walked away thinking that the characters felt better for having Tyler in their lives, however briefly.

Apotamkin said...

love your perspective specially that those lost wouldn't want us to be miserable nor do they deserve to be forgotten! that makes more sense to me as the message:) thank u 4 ur reply. sometimes when a movie is hurtful u shield yourself in a way the thought of losing somebody lovable such as Tyler was weirdly reacted to even with Ally's smile it felt strange, I'm a desperate perfectionist must try and be flexible. Iwould have Tyler see the slide show run to hug his dad and miss the hit and they all get their second chance to be together knowing what could have been and save them the loss of their second son, brother, lover and friend! must deal with my frozen brains lol!

olejp said...

Read your comments and concerns about RM acouple days ago. Felt the need to respond. I'st, I have a feeling that possibly many of the love scenes were cut short or pulled entirely because of where you watched the movie. That unto itself would change the whole idea of what Ally will later Remember of Tyler, the good and wonder of their relationship.

I am probably somewhat of a strange bird, an old one for sure. But I found the movie to be up lifting, not depressing. (But then I am the same person who also found "Shindler's List" uplifting rather than depressing.) Life as I have found it is pretty well full of happinesss and pain and sometimes the pain is the most beautiful and profound. A quick story. Young girl meets young boy, he is sick, dreadful disease, but they both think he will survive. She worked at the hospital. They became close and a relationship developed. They were special to each other. One night before he left to go home they sat on a hill top watching a thunderstorm approach. It was a night to remember. He left the hospital and they each went on with their separate lifes acouple thousand miles apart. About three years later she moved near to his home town and called his parents house. He was not home, but called back and talked for a long time. The next day she received a dozen long stem red roses from him with a very sweet and loving note. But he never came to see her in the days that followed. About two weeks later she received a telephone call from his mother. He had died and ask her to call after his funeral.

Apotamkin, I have never forgotten him. His name was Hugh Hamilton. I have found over the years (almost 40 years)that remembering Hugh has been a great blessing in my life.

Apotamkin said...

THANK U OLEJP. that was so touching and I totally relate to remembering the wonderful people i have personally lost with the same understanding that it was a pure blessing to have the experience even if the ending was loss.

i'm stating the fact that as a movie goer i'm totally not into such films and as a viewer i'm currently unable to bare stress the way i may have used to when i was younger so my critique was simply a plea for something lighter.

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