Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Only Exception. New RobSten Video!

I love RobSten videos specially the ones made by Patty13mai. Here is the latest one, The Only Exception:)


Anonymous said...

This was so cool. I love coming to your site everyday and seeing what you have put up. The Robsten videos are so much fun to watch. Robsten look really great together and they do so play into the romance of the saga.

I can not figure out why you aren't getting lots of comments here. Your site really is fantastic. I am so happy I have found it. It is truly my happy place to go to each day. It feeds my addiction, I guess. Thanks!!


Apotamkin said...

Thank you so much Jan u r truly one of very few people that comment me and it feels great to know the reactions to what I do because I don't generally follow the herd, I only pick what I personally like and would love to save on my little twilight temple, I treat it like an ancient Egyptian column I guess:) I 'm so glad u enjoy coming every day sorry for the times I haven't posted stuff sometimes there isn't something out there that is worth a post so I'd rather wait. Have u checked my archives below u could also click on the tags under posts to review older similar posts at droughts:)


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