Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eclipse Cast Promo Pix!

I love the way the pix integrate with the background. Thanks to whoever did that!

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Jackie said...

J'aime beaucoup ton blog il est merveilleux.............. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

I just love your website. I am a 50 something that is obsessed just a little bit with the Twilight Saga.

Just for fun one day, I searched for "apotamkin the cold one" on google and your blog turned up. You have such cool pics and videos. I can hardly wait for Eclipse. I absolutely loved New Moon- it really stuck well to the book. It looks like Eclipse is going to be as awesome or better. Even though the Twilight movie was so different from the book and obviously done very low budget, I've watched it dozens of times-- love the characters-- I can't imagine them looking like anyone else.

So keep up the good work. I love visiting here often and seeing all the cool Twilight Saga eye candy you put on display. I am so appreciative of your hard work on this website.


Apotamkin said...

@Jakie Merci pour ton parole Je parle Arabic et Englais mais je comprende petite le France..tu est tres gantile:) hope that was correct:)

@Jan, you can't imagine my happiness with your words Jan. I'm almost 38 myself I just love the Saga too and Twilight with it's simplicity is my favorite of them all two. Rob and Kristen are like soul mates to me I can't figure out why they mean so much to me and why do I feel protective of them! there is something magical and mystical and unifying about it all that charges me to take part in supporting it all. It's a pleasure to know u r a fan of my humble blog thanks a lot for ur lovely words:)

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