Friday, April 30, 2010

Bill Condon is the Director of Breaking Dawn!

Guess what! Breaking Dawn director is in!


Who's the man?

"Condon is the writer/director of commercial successes and independent films, from Dreamgirls to Kinsey and Gods and Monsters, which won him an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. He also scripted the film version of Chicago.

He also produced the 2009 Oscars and directed an upcoming series pilot for Showtime, a premium cable channel, called The Big C, starring Oliver Platt, Laura Linney and Precious's Gabourey Sidibe."


I haven't seen a full movie of his, I can't see relevance in his musicals Dream Girls and Chicago to Breaking Dawn but I have to give it to the guy he has soft eyes, a feature that could be promising ;)

(Please, Please God can't bare the thought of anything going wrong with the final sequel :''(


jaygeeem said...

I haven't seen his pictures. I never really wanted to see Dream Girls-- so I haven't.

I am with you-- nothing had better go wrong with Breaking Dawn. So far, the directors have done their part. I absolutely loved New Moon and from what I can see- Eclipse is going to be as close to the story as possible, too.

So this dude better deliver!! LOL.

Thanks for the breaking news- I read it here first.


Apotamkin said...

you are welcome Jan! It was posted on other sites too..but I don't usually race to post things first but flattered you did see it here! I 'm more of a jewel collector lol, very selective, aesthetics, music and occasional important updates are important to me as long as it doesn't invade Rob and Kris's privacy.

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