Wednesday, April 28, 2010

InStyle RobSten Pic!

Excuse-less post:) Don't you miss them too?



Anonymous said...

You so deserve kudos. I am going to make a pest of myself here-- you need feedback. And since no one else will do it, I will speak for them all. Once again you simply do not disappoint-- Apotamkin!!!

To answer your question: I sure do miss them-- but not so much when I can come here often and see all the neat stuff you post.



Apotamkin said...

It's very hard to thank u enough for your sweet words so I guess I could make u a special Apotamkin gift!send me ur favorite twilight pic or something u really like about Twilight and I will edit it for you Jan. Thanx sweetie:)

Anonymous said...

I will take you up on that. However, I just added a larger hard drive to my computer and my son installed Windows 7. Now I am lost. I have been used to XP for so long and it is all new stuff. Yikes!! So I have to do some learning first- don't even know if I can find my pics at this time.

All the programs are different. I have Thunderbird instead of Outlook Express and I have no idea what to do with the email. LOL. Oh I am in trouble here!

I am going to hang out on your page for awhile. Although I had to download a flash plug-in before I could view anything. So far it's looking okay so-- wish me luck.


Apotamkin said...

Good luck I'm still confused with windows 7 too and teaching myself blogging took me almost a month but what's nice about those little challenges is that they keep us busy and happy about our little accomplishments and I need that in my life:) I need to figure out how to use itunes my son also uploads my songs on my ipod and i always beg for each song:) so we both have some homework to do I guess:)

jaygeeem said...

Lol-- I do know how to do Itunes. It isn't that difficult if you just take some time to read through some of the tutorials or the .pdf manual. But I totally agree about learning new things-- the challenges make life interesting, for sure.

Hey-- I am okay with Windows 7 and Mozilla TB-- now. Mozilla is different but it works pretty slick and I did manage to get the filters set so my email comes in organized.

I must have been tired the other night when I got my computer back and everything not only looked different but is called different names now-- well it was positively frightening. Once I got to just sit and look at how Windows put things together, it's pretty slick. And I have over a half terabyte of hard drive space now. I was filling up my other one too quickly and there wasn't enough room for all the music and pictures I want to be able to put on my computer. Depending on how things go, I may be upping my RAM too.

Apotamkin said...

great tech updates' week huh? good luck with all:) I will have to find the time to figure i tunes out soon for sure it's embarrassing:) take care and don't forget to send me a favorite pic to edit 4 u I'll dedicate a post for it, love:)

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