Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Best!

Cheer for my posts on the Royal Wedding at

here and here


Anonymous said...

this is a good thing for the prince because he is a king now

Apotamkin said...

lol :)

Anonymous said...

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woobie said...

May they live happily ever after!

Anonymous said...

it is a fairy tale only bella and edward could compete:)

JGM said...

As much as I sort of roll my eyes at royalty (idle rich and all)-- this was something I did catch a bit of. I really like Princess Diana and William seems to be such a nice man. He and Kate have dated for 8 years so they must be in love-- and that certainly couldn't be said of Diana and Charles.

And-- Lamiaa?? You are so right. I couldn't help but compare that love story to that of Edward and Bella. I am a true sucker for a good love story-- and William and Kate-- they are that!!

Anonymous said...

JAAAAAAN! I'm soooooooooo happy you r back miss u sooo much my dearest:))yes I loved it when they were both trying to make every body's moment their own poor celebs this is reeaaally hard! but they did it with grace and blushed so cute:))

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