Monday, April 18, 2011

Kristen Stewart the Highlight of Water for Elephants Premier

ok guys as much as I was excited about Water for Elephants premier and a further mile stone in Rob's career, I had only one thought in my mind would Kristen show up like she did for Remember Me premier? Would she walk the red carpet with Rob? will she make an appearance if she does go? Well, Kstew did it her way as usual. Got there, hid from the crowds, took off her heals and ran out with Rpattz only to shy away from his bold kiss, no surprises!!

Kristen never lets go of her sneakers:))
and Rob never seizes to tease our girl, i love how he laughs at her embarrassment:) so cute:))
I couldn't start with any thing else another precious RobSten moment:)
Love you babies! thanx to twifans for the vids and caps:))

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