Saturday, April 9, 2011

21!! Happy Birthday KRISTEN

My dearest Kristen,

Despite being away to see my family the past few days, I found my self thinking about you and your coming birthday and I wondered why and how you have become so dear to me to feel happy to be back in time just to wish you a happy birthday:)

I watched you grow into the lovely star that you are and though mighty 17 years separate us you would have been a precious friend.

Kristen, you have inspired me and made me rediscover myself. I taught myself blogging and photo editing which have become a means to express my great admiration of you and your talent. 

I couldn't think of a gift other than my true love, you are my muse:)

Lamia aka Apotamkin


tébé said...

These are very kind words! I feel exactly the same:-) (although I'm younger than her, maybe we can become friends:-D)

Apotamkin said...

oh sure Tebe this is so nice of you:)) It will be awesome if you could take me as your friend pls. write me if you wish on

JGM said...

Yes, Tebe-- Apotamkin is a great friend to have!!

JGM said...

I knew you would find just the right thing to put up for Kristen's birthday. You do not disappoint, Apotamkin!! Ever!!

lamiaa said...

I arrived home at 8 pm I think I literally put my bag changed and finally settled hoping to post something special but time was short but the words are from my heart:)) thanx Jan you never fail in supporting me <3

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