Friday, April 22, 2011

Remarks on Rob on Ellen and Kimmel!

please don't be harsh on me! I'm already very embarrassed but had to collect my courage and tape this. You will probably need your ear piece because I have a really low voice and a retarded pace:))

My first you-tube vid:))


woobie said...

Oh, Lamiaa! This right here is absolutely wonderful, to see you live and get to hear your voice. So far you had a little bit of a celebrity status with me. All the work you put into this blog, all the wonderful videos and pictures, your art, your love for all has become more special to me with this video.

I know I haven't commented in a very long time. Lately I hadn't even found the time to visit and watch the interviews or videos. But I do open your blog still almost every day for a few looks. Real Life has gotten a little rough. But I'm still here. And still in love with your blog!

The pic of you and waxy Rob is too cute. Seems to be the best angle to imagine Rob, even though he didn't look like him from most other angles.
I adore the quote of Rob up on top. My thoughts exactely. There should be more guys like him!

Please keep up the wonderful work you're doing here, and definately make more videos to speak to your fans! It was really great to get that much closer to you.

Apotamkin said...

Woobie had I known this initiative would bring you back I would have gathered my courage a lot sooner sweetie :)) I'm so happy you are back and carry that genuine feelings for me and for my humble blog. I'm very concerned about you now and deeply wish you and your family are ok and nothing serious is going on to trouble you dearest. I'm glad you love that angle of waxy Rob he is the second best option one has if there unless Rob decides to go on the road some where near camels and pyramids or sheiks lol! then I might definitely try to see him. I just respect him and his family for having the values that would make life much better if embraced and I try to highlight this awesomeness that has touched us all and all women of all ages. thank you woobie for the kindest words you are a gem and I care about your friendship a lot you wouldn't imagine, I will do my best to continue to feed our passion for Twilight and I hope you would continue to come over as you have always done:) lots of love, lamia..

JGM said...

Lovely Lamia-- You just shine in this video in the sunlight. And look at that beautiful view of the water-- WOW.

I just started at the top and stopped here because I couldn't wait to see what you had to say. I haven't yet seen the videos you are referring to, but I value your observations and if you say it is--I believe you.


Apotamkin said...

oh thank you thank you Jan!!! oh it has got to be my lucky day to have you and woobie pay me a visit you are so missed:)) thank you for the sweet complements I have been feeling like an idiot the whole day and was determind to remove it when I got home:) I did it before I went out lol! just an impulse, I didn't like the connotations i know the whole thing is a joke but when people are so detached all what they believe is such little remarks. it sounded like rob was getting fake charges from dubai and kimmel suggested rob would be on a terror list if he does! what? coinciding with the half nude belly dancer dancing to egyptian music i have scene this clip at least 4 years ago! it is funny i agree but you would be left with the notion oriental women r the stupidest:))glad u loved my improvisation the only good thing about it is that you r here, it got your attention lol! don't make me dance in my next one just stay with me lol!

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