Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome to The Rileys Poster

... and an official Welcome to the Rileys poster is out. Wish I know why these films are taking so long to be released! sweet April come come:)


jaygeeem said...

This one I would really love to see. I have no idea when or if it's going to be showing around soon. It's one of those so-called Indies and they sort of go a different route than the big studio movies. I suppose they start in certain markets-- where they might get maximum exposure and then they go to DVD. Definitely getting this one.

Been busy in the real world. Got me a touch screen smart phone and I have been busy trying to figure it out. It's going to be really cool. I will be able to access the internet from anywhere. Finally I am getting seriously teched up-- LOL.

Apotamkin said...

great yes get tech-ed up hope u have fun with it i had an iphone for 4 months but hated the touch screen and it was so slippery! they never make woman phones they are always so manish that's a form of oppression i believe:D apotamkin is so heavy to view on the mobile i need to figure a way out to make it lighter i need to get teched up too:)missed u my friend!

jaygeeem said...

Well, you have a point-- the phone is different from the one I had before. The touch screen on mine is very sensitive and I am really going to have to learn to get used to it. But it just does so much and that's what I think is neat about it. I am going to learn to love it-- because already I do like it and all the things it does.

Now that you mention oppression, that is certainly an interesting theory-- it deserves a bit of investigation now that you have brought it up. The phones that are comfortable for me and my small hands are the least teched up. So I just have to figure out how to deal with the bigger size. I am bound and determined to stick with this one, Apotamkin!! You make me grin today.

I AM thinking of you even if I don't check in for the day. Once I am going into a second day with no "Cold One," it is time to check in. Have no fear-- I missed you too and I just have to come and see what's up here.

I have been searching for some Twilight Saga ringtones and found some cool ones. The sound on my new phone is awesome.

These smartphones just do so much that it is almost too much for me to figure out. But I have surprised myself and am slowly catching on-- lots faster with this one than with my old flip phone. LOL

Apotamkin said...

so happy you like it i hate to be disappointed with a buy :)glad u miss me too it's hard to be a twi loner i learned :) can't wait to see kristen on Leno's tonight show. she ll be promoting welcome to the rileys.. so happy she is coming out. would Rob be waiting for her outside lol:)as of oppression it amazes me that up till now men haven't given women the chance to come near car design and technology it is so frustrating :)

woobie_71 said...

Looks like I need to let you know that I am still here as well. Our lives have been turned upside down over here, I hardly get the time to read articles or watch videos. But I am peeking in almost every day. Blogger has been no friend of mine lately. I can't count the comments Blogger ate on two hands and feet anymore.
I do love your blog and every little speck of Twilight and Robsten that you post.

I think I'll try to take my hubby to see The Rileys when it shows here. I like Gandolfini, too.

jaygeeem said...


Hope that things are just busy for you and not going badly. Sometimes life just gets to working us all a bunch. Some weeks for me have been very hectic-- lots of things going on.

Take care and hope things settle down for you. Blogger had best be kinder to you.

Apotamkin said...

hey woobie miss you a lot and me too hope life and Blogger is kinder to you. sorry to hear you are facing problems can't wait to see u fully functional back at Apotamkin. Girls I just saw Eat Pray love and it is just awesome!

jaygeeem said...

OOOh! Another recommendation. I will definitely see that. It hasn't come around here yet-- just read a bit about the book it's based on and that Julia Roberts is starring in the movie. So I am going to be looking for it.

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