Sunday, October 24, 2010

Revisiting Twilight Promo Pix. Enhanced

I don't know about you  but I miss Edward and Bella so much and I am re-posting these to simply say that those two are just out of this world:)



jaygeeem said...

Yes, I miss them too.

That rumor you mentioned about those two and a date in December. I totally agree that it would be simply awesome if it were true.

These pictures are so cool-- Bella and Edward-- at their very best, indeed!

jaygeeem said...


Sure hope all is well with you. I miss seeing you here. Please just say hi so we know you are okay.

Apotamkin said...

pls woobie where are u? we have good faith u ll be back safe just leave a word to comfort ur Twi BFFs :)

I couldn't resist posting them again though they are known almost to every devot twilighter:)

woobie_71 said...

Oh my gosh, you guys! So sorry I left you waiting so long...>looks down guilty< I just can't find the time to catch up.
We had a rear end car accident some time back, my hubs and I both got injured. We have been in physical therapy and at least I seem to be getting better. Long story short, there's a lot of appointments to keep, and paperwork to mull over, finances to worry about. On top of that it usually happens that when one hurdle is overcome the next is already waiting. It is exhausting, mentally more then physically.
I know it's a lame excuse but most nights my head feels completely empty and unable to form words lol.
This too shall pass, right!

Now to the pix ;) timeless classics and boy do they look young. Did they start filming yet? Ugh! t'is taking waaayyyy to long with the final hurrah.
I am starved for some E&B, no matter what shape or form. Who's with me?

woobie_71 said...

Oh and thanks for worrying about me. I want to hug you both so badly! ♥

Apotamkin said...

woobie tons of hugs back so sorry about ur accident I hope u r both safe and sound and healing quickly this is terrible u do have something going on. Ths is not ur first accident I remember. Don't drive like Edward lol! We were starting to worry a long while ago and I did think something bad happened bec u have never been away that long. so happy u r ok girl. miss u a lot and it s great to have u back! I totally share the mood of needing anything E & B and I guess it shows lol! There is a lot to share so looking forward to having u around more. love and take good care of yourself:)

jaygeeem said...

Woobie-- what Apotamkin said!

And you don't need to make apologies for being exhausted. Please take care of yourself and don't feel guilty if you have to just get more sleep at night.

I too am hungry for Bella and Edward-- I can't seem to get enough of them either.

These pictures do make them look young-- especially Kristen. I wonder, though if that isn't due to the fact that she's hardly got any makeup on and her hair is in a very unsophisticated style here. She's just young Bella here. Not that sultry beautiful sophisticated Kristen Stewart! LOL

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