Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Condon Thinks Mackenzie Would Pass for a RobSten Child!

Kristen haven't met her on screen daughter yet! But Condon tells her and Rob if they ever have a child that would be IT! People don't just go around saying that to random couples, I see implications here mmm! 

The One thing after Twilight is over that would keep the flame lit would be the fulfilment of such possibilities ... sigh! Apotamkin is such a dreamer, are you too?


jaygeeem said...

I totally agree with Bill Condon-- that MacKenzie is a perfect child for Robsten. Kristen is absolutely perfect and beautiful like a porcelain figurine-- so is that MacKenzie.

Oh Apotamkin-- I am so dreaming right along with you!!

Apotamkin said...

Oh Yes! I believe Condon knows plans that we don't know of lol!

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