Thursday, September 16, 2010

Telegraph.UK Interview with kristen Stewart

An interview with Kstew from the Telegraph. UK, I selected a part about her rumored romance with Rpattz and the hide and seek with the paparazzi :)

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(Interviewer Will Lawrence wrote): Stewart is less forthcoming about her relationship with her co-star Robert Pattinson.

The very first time I met Pattinson, before the original Twilight film, he enthused about her and laughed about the rebuffs he got when trying to ask her out (Stewart was dating Michael Angarano, her co-star from Speak, at the time).

Since then the pair have become a couple, although neither one has gone on record to confirm it.

The last time I saw Stewart and Pattinson was at this year's Bafta dinner, where they sat together and left together. They definitely acted as a couple.

'It doesn't matter how many times I've spoken to someone or how well they know me, I'm just not going to talk about that,' she says when I ask.

'But it is weird with the paparazzi,' she continues. 'We are not on the top of the paparazzi list, but it is definitely tougher for Rob.'

The pair looked to have been rumbled when a photographer caught them cosying up on the Isle of Wight
over New Year.

'That was some kid, not paparazzi, who took that shot,' she says, smiling. 'That's the kind of thing that just baffles you. I can't believe that came out.'

She says that she finds London an easier place to roam than New York or Los Angeles, and concedes that she can no longer live a normal existence in her home-town.

'I have friends who say, "Hey. We are in a restaurant today. Want to come? A bunch of us are hanging out?" And yet I am like, "Do you want to go to someone's house? It would be so much more fun.

Bring everyone round to my house!" It is weird never to be just some girl. Everybody knows me so I can never be just a new person with somebody. New people always have an impression of me and I am so aware of it, and it probably changes me.'

Her hobbies, she says, are simple. Along with her interest in the guitar, she's an avid reader and likes to write ('not stories per se, just thoughts and bits of prose').

She also adores her cat, Max, who is 'insane. He's like the antichrist when I try to travel with him. I like to take him with me when I'm away filming.'

Stewart is currently shooting an adaptation of On the Road, directed by the Brazilian film-maker Walter Salles. 'I play Marylou and I am f–ing freaking out about it. Nobody has ever tried to make it and yet, reading the book, it is insanely iconic.

It is my favourite book. It is so f–ing cool that I am doing it. A friend introduced me to it when I was 14 and I have read it a couple of times.'

When that finishes she'll begin work on the final chapters in the Twilight saga (the novel Breaking Dawn has been divided into two films).

'With Twilight we all really got lucky. It is a rare thing on a movie, when it hits and it gives you freedom. Because of Twilight I could make a film like Welcome to the Rileys.'

Yet to be released in Britain, this indie film, produced by Ridley Scott, sees Stewart play a prostitute. 'I'm happy that people might think, "Let's go and see that Twilight girl in a stripper movie!" I'm cool with that.' Perhaps being Kristen Stewart isn't so tough, after all.


jaygeeem said...

She's a smart chick-- our Kristen. She tells only as much as she chooses.

woobie_71 said...

...and yet it tells us so much about her. This is a wonderful interview. And I like her even better yet again. Loved the little tidbit about writing. Not books but thoughts and prose. That's so me, too.

Apotamkin said...

she is no longer denying but she is direct about keeping it to herself which is perfectly right with the fiasco they have to deal with, I just miss them it feels like all is slipping with there absence don't u agree? I hope they release any of their new films soon...

woobie_71 said...

Most celeb couples are not even together as long as these two have been trying to keep their relationship hidden. So I don't feel like it's slipping all away. I am rather calmed and reinsured now that the cat's out of the bag. I don't worry so much about Breaking Dawn. Everything is going to be ALL RIGHT! So happy for them! They keep the romance alive.

jaygeeem said...

Well I am hoping this relationship lasts-- they are just too cool together and I would like to see that last forever.

Apotamkin, I try not to dwell on their lack of news currently. I am not against you finding re-runs so we can either see some of the old stuff we missed or just see again some of the old stuff that we loved. Anything Twilight-- old, new, re-treaded-- it is perfectly great by me!!

Apotamkin said...

lol girls! I'm glad each one of you responded to one angel of the query :) though I meant what Jan understood as I'm a total believer in Robsten they have succeeded in imprinting as good people not as typical celebs to me. hope they succeed and overcome all troubles as u said woobie. It feels that we've been shutdown with the drought and i guess it would be the worst time ever.
I was hoping we could get interviews or detailed official updates on their shoots, I don't know why they don't release portraits of their current films is it me or is there something lacking?

jaygeeem said...

No it is not you-- we are really in a pause here as Breaking Dawn hasn't even begun their shooting yet and it will be over a year before we see the first installment of that movie.

And both Rob and Kristen's recent movies are probably just in the initial editing process since they barely just finished the shooting. Kristen-- has hers ended yet? So it will be months before these movies are even close to getting out for marketing purposes.

We must be patient-- very patient-- because the Twilight movies are over half-way done and this star is probably getting close to it's final last fall. We are past the halfway point and things are eventually going to go away. It is sad as we are in the late stages of the phenomena-- it is bittersweet for sure.

Apotamkin, if I think to hard about this, I get depressed. The Twilight spectacular isn't going to last forever and it is moving toward its culmination. It is as all good things-- they eventually come to an end. However, it hasn't ended yet and so we just have to enjoy what is left.

I know-- it is sad to think of it. But we have entered a new phase.

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