Monday, September 6, 2010

Lovely Breaking Dawn Fan-Art!

I have googled some fan-made Breaking Dawn goodness for your gazing pleasure:) and as you see have added some light effects to the blog to set the mood. We will be sitting in the dark I guess till Breaking Dawn:)

source, source, and source


woobie_71 said...

Oh the new layout colors are sweet! I am enjoying the black with all the crazy neon colors very much.
The fan art where Bella sparkles is my fav. Don't like the one with the infant at all. It kind of gives me goose bumps.

jaygeeem said...

Well, the new colors blew me away when I clicked on here the first time! It is very 60's and black lightish-- cool!!

Vamp Bella rocks.

jaygeeem said...

Congrats, Apotamkin on a whole wonderful year of "The Cold One of Egypt." You have much to be proud of. You have such a creative presentation with your art and clever blog offerings. You have managed to garner quite a number of fans who hit your blog regularly which is not an easy thing to do.

I am constantly amazed at your clever descriptions which accompany the pictures and videos you so beautifully display. You just keep surprising me by getting better and better all the time.

Thanks so much for all you do to make this place such a pleasant place to visit online for this self-described Twilight addict. One spectacular year, Apotamkin and I fervently wish you many more more-- and that is a very selfish wish on my part!

jaygeeem said...


Peter Bradley Adams rocks. I will be purchasing some of that for my ipod lullabyes!! Thanks for the recommendation.

woobie_71 said...

Anytime! Glad you like it.

Apotamkin said...

hey my biggest fans :)glad u luv the neon effects and Jan your words are soo lovely u have made my day and I had a terrible one. In here I fearlessly be my self and I put my heart and soul in every thing I say or choose to post. i suffer for my honesty everywhere but here. and it feels tripple great to know it reaches you, it makes me believe in myself. I have never dedicated time to something that i'm passionate about like this other than my Masters! it's scary and the responsibility to not disappoint is heavy:)I hope one day it will translate into something i would be proud of:) thanx x

jaygeeem said...

Hey Sweets, I mean every word of it too!!

You are destined for great things-- you have such talent.

I am like Alice in that way-- I see things in the future-- and I see you as a rousing success-- just keep believin' and stick to the plan-- it will all come together for you.

What is wrong with those people around you in Dubai? They are so blind. They do not appreciate the jewel in their midst, apparently. I would treasure your presence if I had the luxury of being in your world. Truly, I would.

Apotamkin said...

My God Jan! I've just seen this and you have just made me cry. thank you so much i would trade anything for you to be in here and to fully enjoy your friendship, one u have succeeded in making so valubale to me despite the digital blindness. if I ever fulfill my dreams be sure u r the only support i had and I ll be foever grateful to you:) I really wish one day I would see you or in the near future actually chat with you if we could get around to it and Woobi too thanx my angle :)

jaygeeem said...

Hey, I would love to chat with you and since I am sort of a night owl-- I bet we could find a time to do so.

Someday-- Apotamkin, I am going to get over to your part of the world so you can show me the sights and we can meet for real. I would really like to meet you. I feel like you are indeed a kindred spirit. I am in awe of you-- I really am.

I hope you are crying happy tears-- I am just saddened that those close in your sphere of reality do not appreciate you. I can see your blazing spirit shine through your words every time I come here and read them.

Apotamkin said...

sweet Jan! do u believe I have just seen this today:) can't wait for u to come and how may we chat skype?
they were happy tears because you make me happy every time i'm down thanx sweetie Jan.. will follow up on this in new posts for sure:)

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