Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New E Interview with Rob and Emilie

In a newly released E interview, Rob explains how Emilie got chosen:) he says: "I was shooting the end of one of the 'Twilight' movies, 'New Moon,' in Italy and we were going through casting for ['Remember Me']," he explains. "The director said, 'I think I found this girl I think you'll find quite interesting,' and sent me this e-mail with her audition tape.

"My Internet connection was so slow that I could only get the beginning, which was her messing up for about 35 seconds," continues Robert. "She was really funny, you know, messing up and kind of quite charismatic -- but I didn't know that she was messing up at the time, I thought she was actually doing the scene and kind of just improvising with it and just making it up."

Now I know how that mistake was done lol! sorryy! I'm so bad:s I don't know where's Emilie's part? Coming in portions as usual, I guess. I want to hear her say something or is it bad for the movie, I don't know!


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