Sunday, February 14, 2010

Battle with Victoria and the Newborns Still

A new Eclipse still showing Edward in the final Battle scene with Victoria and her new lover (totally forgot his name it was with a P.. right?) There are a few things to infer with the critical eye of Apotamkin:)

Victoria looks awesome and the protruding veins on her hands look so natural.

Edward's golden eyes look much better without the dark rims, still maintaining his New Moon short hair. Thank God back to the purple mat lips, I hated the brick smudgy, glossy lips of New Moon.

As for this guy ( It's Riley! Da!:)) I have to say that the vampire skin is looking perfect, not powdery, pasty and ashy skin like the Volturi vamps.

It's obvious that Eclipse's visuals and look is more natural and close to the book according to what we have seen of it so far, there is a continuation of the twilightish elements that we all love:)

What do you think?

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