Friday, February 12, 2010

The Life of Edward Cullen Pic Spam

I got this crazy idea when I bumped into the manip mine of Mayhemonte on the longest search for post material:) I found some genius manips and decided to thread them together, after some touching, as a pic spam of the life of Edward Cullen:) hope you like this:) I feel weird already, lol!

The Life of Edward Cullen

It all began when I saw my gorgeous little fragile human Bella Swan...

When we were not chased by Victoria or the newborn vamps life was kind and our dates were awesome!

Our wedding was all that I dreamt of, Bella was dazzling I could hardly breathe and her smell, mmm... yummy!

Our honeymoon as you know was ... how can I say this ... well, I took her sightseeing on Isle Esme:)

Then, I don't know what happened, she started acting weird and in the morning I was badly bruised!

Bella was pregnant! we were both terrified beyond belief, she became extremely weak and grew bigger by the minute! Her life was in real danger and biting her seemed like a good idea!

I have suddenly become a father of the cutest little girl, I mean vamp-girl. Renesemee, our baby almost killed Bella and I finally bit her to save her. I know it's not proper but she was delicious, I don't know why did I wait for so long!

But Bella got excited about being a vamp and spent her days hunting and I took care of our baby, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, it was ridiculous! I called my mum and my brothers and they all told me " you know this is not the way we did it, improvise honey."

I had to bathe Renesemee, feed her and change her and every one seemed to be having fun but not me. To tell you the truth, after I figured it all out I kind of felt proud of my self.

Renesemee's smile was worth every second of my eternal time but I truly missed Bella and our time together.

By the time she came home I was out of order, I never slept before I had Renesemee. At the end of the day Me and Bella would try to have a few hours of peace until our baby calls for some blood.

The End

manips via mayhemonte

Seriously, this is the longest post I've ever done hope you like it:)

Oh! Happy Valentine's


rpattzgirl said...

OMG, these manips are amazing!
I love the one with Edward & the baby where she's touching his face, and then the one of them just cuddled up togther!!!

Apotamkin said...

Me too they are awesome manips by Mayhemonte i cropped them and created this string and story catching up from where others left lol! so happy u liked it:) thanx for commenting love:)

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