Saturday, February 13, 2010

Selected Pix of Rob in Details Mag

Forgive me but I'm totally not into artistry that involves nudity or sexuality, probably because of my culture and because of the fact that I am a mum! I have selected these new pics of Rob from his new shoot for Details mag that caused me to look most of the day like his first photo. I generally feel very protective of what I think is the remains of what's innocent and good in the world, basically all the ethics and values of Twilight...

via twifans


preboomer said...

I agree.

Detail is a Men's Magazine sort
of like Playboy I guess. Ordinarily not something most gals
would give a second look, but with
who is on cover there will be
ladies making a purchase. Have
to say the interview of him by
Jenny Lumet was really good.
I guess he has already had close
encounter with an elephant while
researching for "Water for Elephants".

Apotamkin said...

:) that was a great part Rob is very tender and kind and the elephant must have felt it:) that was soo sweet:)

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