Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ok TV Interview with Kristen at Elle

Ok TV interview with Kstew after winning Elle woman of the year, a question about Rob is interrupted at the end couldn't make it out!

When will things be normal, Gosh!

After multiple hearings I think the question about Rob is:

"Is Rob a little bit jealous at all the attention you've been getting?"

!!! I love Kstew's shy laugh at the mention of Rob and the guarding fiends are fierce!


Kristen_Fan said...

How stupid they are, asking whether Rob is jealous because of all the attention! Why should he be?
Can't they leave the two alone?

Apotamkin said...

i think they were trying to get kstew to share any thing about talking with Rob after the party, the girl's lips r shut but the smile is so revealing isn't it? the shyness? something is happening there:)

Kristen_Fan said...

Yeah, and I'd really like to know what it is:-D
I think they would fit so well together, but surely it's only because of Twilight --> Bella and Edward are a perfect couple, but are Kristen and Robert, too?

Apotamkin said...

being old enough to judge and having experienced that type of infatuation at 17 too till today with my same Edward ;
)! i trust myself to say i can see the same signs that make any two an obvious couple. for me it would be almost impossible to not fall madly in love when you have that natural magnetic pull it's a matter of seconds my dear to get hit. it's like catching a virus u cant stop it. Robsten are the ideal specimen to show that. I think the anticipation surrounding whether they are an item or not is very well protected to heighten the fan's curiosity for the movies and guarantee not upsetting non-robsten fans they need them all to get tickets. also Rob and kristen are annoyed by invasive fans and pap and announcing anything means more of it. they could also be still testing their feelings they have been really together a little before shooting remember me and they get to be together briefly they could still feel the need to put their love to the test or test the depth of their feelings, they are not the type that would trivialize their emotions. that's my reading into their souls lol!

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