Monday, October 12, 2009

We Owe it to Rob's Crush!

We are literally weeks away from New Moon but we are not getting half the promos that preceded Twilight! It makes old promos & interviews all the more valuable:) I'm a devoted Robsten believer & the more I revisit old interviews the more I spot little clues here and there. How many times did Rob say he felt the role of Edward was way perfect for him to play because he never regarded himself as such to claim a right to audition for it? Here he says because he watched Into the Wild and because he liked Kristen!! he went for it! Hello! Kristen anybody there? she shakes her head left & right denying the admitted crush! Rob is like waiting to hear why she picked him, probably waiting for a sign that obviously never came then... but what about now?? Who will dare hint at those two being involved. In the happy incident of any similar interview for New Moon, we will be probably watching Rob & kristen's surrogates (sorry! just watched Bruce Willis's movie). Please guys don't lose the human touch, the slips & the confessions.

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