Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Songs by Kris & Rob

OK, Kristen did this one song in Into the Wild and I think she can pull off a good performance possibly using her singing voice in her coming hit as The Runaways' lead singer Joan Jett. We also know that Rob gave her a guitar for her 18th birthday so I guess she & Rob are Rocking their hotel room lol! The thing that really bugs me is that we have to put up with lousy singers and tuneless music while a real talent like Rob thinks making his own album is a back up plan if he decides he no longer likes acting. To Rob a recording is somehow similar to coming into the market with his own signature perfume to catch up on some cash while he is famous! an approach that every celebrity does, but not Rob! What a waste!!
Broken is the song, the guitar & voice is just awesome!
vid by sioph

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