Monday, January 17, 2011

Robert & Olivia Present Foreign Film Award

and the big moment Robert Pattinson and Olivia Wild present Foreign Film Award! Lovely dress and Rob is as shy as ever :)
images via Robsessed and rpattzdaily


JGM said...

He isn't real mouthy, but it wear well on him. I really like him in a suit and he sure looks good with his hands in his pocket!

Thanks for posting this for me!! My back is positively killing me today. I literally turned my house upside down. Moved a bunch of furniture out into storage and rearranged the whole place. My kitchen contents are literally resting in boxes, shelves, drawers. Not a thing in the cabinets or drawers. It is hard not having a kitchen-- I just hope we get things somewhat working again before long. I won't even be able to brew a pot of coffee.

Tomorrow I am going to have to figure out how to hook the coffee pot up downstairs and fill it with water from the upstairs bathroom. It is almost like camping except I do have heat, thankfully-- we have been experiencing below zero temps now for several days.

Apotamkin said...

he was happy he had one sentence to say and was chocking all night poor Rob.

I m glad u r getting things done sweetie it gets us closer to your special day when you get your dream place. hope the weather is kinder for you. camping is not bad it is the Cullens favorite sport ;) or being in camp city with all the crazed fans life goes on with alittle twilight fantasy :)
the sun will come like a breaking dawn and warm you up!

JGM said...

I am even taking some photos of my kitchen-- took some this morning with my phone and I will figure out how to get them onto my computer so you can see my before and after. They totally gutted my downstairs bathroom and half my kitchen. They also tore out the wall around my chimney. I have a fireplace downstairs that I don't use because burning wood is a pain and is a mess to clean up. I am getting an electric insert in the fireplace so the big jog in the wall in my kitchen will be gone and the wall will continue through the living room making it a bit bigger. I am starting to see some progress. I worked like crazy yesterday and I am sore and tired today!! Thank goodness the really tough stuff is done-- I still have to put everything away again, but when I do it will be into new re-done space. I am getting excited now because the actual work is getting started.

I know those Cullens like camping but then they don't need kitchens and temperature extremes don't bother them at all. I won't mind it once I get things so I can at least fix a pot of coffee!!

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