Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday of Anger

a word of justice in the face of an unjust ruler


woobie said...

Understanding the anger and helples feeling of the girl, I really wish she had thought about what message she wants to send here. It would have been helpful to wright her speech down befor screaming into her microphone and hardly making sense. We are absolutely on the side of the Egyptian people, protesting for their rights. Nobody should have to suffer any of those things in a "free" country. But you can't say Where is the help and Leave us allone in the same sentence.
Maybe there are some more videos coming up of some better speakers. This is a little hard to follow through till the end.

I hope for the wellbeing of your people and country, Lamiaa. I wish for the same for my people and country. We are going to continue being strong and fight for our rights.

Apotamkin said...

:) thanx woobie u have a point but when people are emotional they don't know what they really want to say but she has pretty much summed up the conditions I don't agree with how she addresses aid.I understand she meant there is no need for words or declarations but actions are of need. I don't wish to post scenes but she is the only western Egyptian who could communicate in English that I found on line.maybe next you ll see me up till now Mubarak didn't speak to us! I am thankful for the Internet I don't know how can they put up with being disconnected in Egypt.

Apotamkin said...

things are going to get dirty to keep him in his chair - el gaish (army) is blocking the streets for him - police disappeared to go on a mission to create chaos, plunder and burn and blame it on the people. Egyptians are not corruptors but calling them so will cover up for the thefts and justify more violence against them.more isolation is expected Egypt is still disconnected from the outside world.

Twilight FanArt said...

I can understand that she is angry because in the end, I like reading about movement politics and many things are summarized in "political games" and it is true that certain Occidental countries have nurtured corrupt politicians (sorry, but it's true, I know there are people who don't want to hear or they just look to other side, but not me) and that in this case, all have made money at the expense of the Egyptian people.

I believe that these revolutions have happened in many countries (including mine) and can bring improvements to society. All I want is that new changes will be changes created by honest people, no new power-hungry leaders or fanatics/terrorist.

I heard on the news that hospitals were attacked, part of the police is rebellious and another part of the police is protecting politicians who have scape to London, I heard that looters entered the Museum in Cairo, destroying art pieces and mummy's, despite citizens decided together to protect their culture and that there are even military tanks on the Giza plateau to protect pyramids (Seem so crazy!!!).

I heard that there are honest people struggling for their rights and that the looters and thieves are mixed to create more chaos ...

I am very cautious when I watch the tv news because there are always political, economic, religious or cultural news and interests through and they can be contaminated, I prefer to hear real citizens opinions, they are in the real life of their country.

I just hope return an order soon and you have new (honest-is this possible?) government and that your family members are safe.

A big big hug Lamia (or is "Lamiaa"?, sorry if I'm writing it bad!)


Apotamkin said...

Sonia you are a great artist and a great friend indeed your English is great and English is not my native language too but the language of truth is universal and your words are so right and so precious to me:)thank you Sonia for the love and wisdom that shows in your judgment your not a consumer like many you use your brain and that is my favorite kind of people. Egyptians will never allow fanatics or dictators come to power it is a grand awakening and those type of people were and still are in power now and they fuel fanaticism to sell the world myths to fear and help them stay in power. If the world understands and help the people choose their leader all will be ok and the world would witness unprecedented stability.

lamia is how it is pronounced and lamiaa is how it is written:) its like saying Lumière in french! thank you so much Sonia you are a great friend and I truly value having someone like you on the side of truth love and peace:)

Twilight FanArt said...

Thank you for your kind words. I sincerely hope this crisis in your country will be overcame soon and also want you keep us informed of the latest news through your blog because though you have a blog about "Twilight", behind this blog there are real people (you, me ...) that we also live in the "real world". I've seen some post in your chat box that has saddened me and I was angry at the same time (some selfish person who don't care human suffering and drama ...maybe too young to understand them) The good new is that there's also friendly and sensitive people "out there". You have my support, I also summited your support video to my blog. Solidarity is always good and never is enought.

Greetings and you must know, you have a friend here!


JGM said...

This girl made many points. It is despicable that Mubarak chooses to cut all lines of communication- this is truly a coward's way of dealing with the situation. The video at the top of this blog mentions that the internet was reconnected and this is good because it is one of the most powerful forms of communication available to us today.

I also found it very disturbing that she says 90% of Egyptian income is unaccounted for. Overly-burdensome taxation is a hallmark of government corruption. The money is being taken from the people and obviously being stolen by the Mubarak regime to enrich themselves. This is an egregious and overt sign that the government is rotten to the core.

The Obama administration is a ship of fools, in my opinion. They show their ineptness by their ignorant stances in support of Mubarak. I am ashamed that my government is being manned by such cowards at this moment. It should be more than obvious to those fools that Mubarak is corrupt and must be denounced. Time will tell if they wake up soon. Obama is not going to see a second term if this is the manner in which he chooses to handle a world crisis. Any support for Mubarak by the administration should be denounced and suspended forthwith. Without that assistance, Mubarak will have no choice but to step down and get out of Egypt and permit the people to choose another leader.

The pictures that you have shown us here are powerful and there are many more out there that are telling the true story. I truly hope that the Egyptian people triumph.

I sincerely believe that as people around the world see for themselves what injustice is being perpetrated against the innocent people in the streets, the tide will turn. The internet is a very powerful medium-- and the story is getting out there-- in the words of this dear, emotional girl as well as the professional video that was put together above. The people of the world are listening. . .

Apotamkin said...

Sonia you are a great human being and I am thankful these sad events made me see that side in you thank you so much for your support and posting the video for as many people to see what is being done to us. love

Jan I can't blame the current government I blame the agenda that has been followed for 30 years and that which have been fooled by his lies to remain in power. he is a master terrorist he probably fueled fear in the mind of world government convinced them he is the reason the region is stable. Egyptians are kinder than you could imagine and if you talk reason they listen. He never talks nor ever listens. 10 days of pleas bloodshed and starvation and he can't hear the people. can u hear 80 million saying go? I think the way America reacts will give the world a clear idea about how justice is carried in the world and if Egyptians get to true democracy where "universally good" leaders take the lead then there is hope for humanity.

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