Monday, January 17, 2011

Rob at the Golden Globes After Party

New Spiderman Andrew Garfield shows off the sweetheart lol!

Then the sweetheart pays homage to his vampire dad Peter Facinelli!

and back to the Red hair and the navy blue Gucci suit!

images via Robsessed


JGM said...

That man sure burns up a suit!! Wow!

Apotamkin said...

nothing ever goes wrong with Rob! flawless guy it is depressing:)

JGM said...

Oh come on-- the guy is simply hot and every once in awhile they catch him looking slightly less fabulous but still hot. Now I don't find that depressing, my dear-- it just makes him seem a little more normal-- LOL. Not totally normal like all of us lowly earth beings-- but a little closer to us, it seems.

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