Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kristen at Remember Me Premiere Collage!

Found some gorgeous pix of Kristen at Remember Me Premiere and made them into this collage. looking closely, the hair do and the knotted t-shirt are just so wild... reminds me of a wet black bird or a flightless one:). Kstew makes a coy appearance and half hides her face, still she definitely stole some light, don't you agree?

images via lunanuevameyer


Kristen_Fan said...

Oh... what happended to her hair??:-) I don't know, but the part wich is in her face looks stange. Well, but on the whole she's still the gorgeous Kristen:-)

Apotamkin said...

I think she has shortened it more at the top of her head it looks like the layers were reversed but as u say always manages to look gorgeous and confident with her looks:)

Anonymous said...

Both of them have become
fashion icons this year..so
watch out cause they will shake
fashion and style up...just saying

Apotamkin said...

i think so too preboomer :) i have personally been influenced by Kstew though i m 18 years older!!

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