Friday, March 12, 2010

The Runaways After Party Pix

...and along came the wolf! Taylor showed up to support his Twilight co-stars... I love the way kstew always dumps the heels and gowns & jumps back into her jeans and plain tshirts, even the hair and make up is completely off once she is done with the flashes, cute:)

via twilightish


Kristen_Fan said...

Haha, as usually: Dakota is dressed really elegant, Kristen switched to jeans, chucks and Shirt:-) I love how natural she is

Apotamkin said...

yes she is a tom boy to the core reminds me of myself a lot and it is reaaaaally hard to change with age it's like all what you think about when can i take them off or get home 99% of the time:) beauty vs comfort!

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