Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time: Team Jacob Ascending!

"If pressed to name the weakest link in Stephenie Meyer's four-book series, fans will usually point to New Moon, for the simple reason that the hero — hot, brooding vampire Edward Cullen — decides to leave his mortal soul mate Bella in order to protect her from himself and his kind. He disappears on page 73 and does not return to full-time smoldering duty until page 451. The heart of the story is about how much Bella misses him — as does the reader. When the first copies of the book appeared, Meyer had to urge some fans to read it twice after she found that they were so anxious (or annoyed) by Edward's absence that they were skipping to the end. The interim consolation provided by Bella's hunky, smitten buddy Jacob Black is nowhere near enough to make up for Edward's absence. At least not on the page."

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