Monday, November 2, 2009

Kris & Tay. Brazil Interview

Q.- Why do you think the series was so successful in Brazil, as we don’t have this vampirism culture?
Kristen Stewart -I think it’s because it is much more than a vampire story. The whole world can compare with the characters in one way or another. Okay they are vampires and werewolves, but they are basically characters. But they live human feelings. After all, it’s a love story. Assigned to the most extreme possible, but it is a love story. We use the plot as a metaphor for that.
Q.- A search by a large Brazilian site where children and teens voted for Taylor as the best actor of the moment, surpassing even the votes for Robert Pattinson. What about it?
Taylor Lautner -Wow! Wow (laughing a lot). It’s really the level of passion, isn’t it? I’m a lucky boy. I love my character. Very much. As for Rob (Robert Pattinson), I think he can handle it.
Q.- The character of Robert Pattinson, Edward Cullen, doesn’t appear in the book as it appears in the film.
Kristen Stewart -It was a purely creative process. The reason he appears more in the movie is that he basically is an embodiment of Bella’s thoughts. In the book, he talks to her in thought. In the film, we see the illustration of this. he appears in dreams, in Bella’s subjective ideas. After all, during most of the movie, she has him in her mind.
Taylor Lautner - And this needed to happen to establish more strongly the idea of the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob, which in Eclipse is fully evident. Bella really falls in love with Jacob, and she loves Edward. In Eclipse, the story is basically this triangle. So it’s important this to be very visual, that Edward must be visual in New Moon.
Q.- Why, in Taylor’s opinion, Bella should be with Jacob?

Taylor Lautner -Well, I think Kristen should answer this. (laughing). Edward and Jacob are totally opposite. It’s like you have to choose between go to the left or right, you know?
Kristen Stewart - Jacob is who she should be with. She feels free with him. She is not tense beside him. But as everyone knows, the girls never make the best choice in these cases (laughs). For Bella, it’s a battle to have to deal with all of this, with this choice.
Q.- How was the process of physical transformation of the character of Taylor, Jacob Black (cut the long locks, fattening 14kg of muscle), which is evident in the new saga?
Taylor Lautner - It was hard. Many workout and lots of food (laughs). I started this routine right after the end of Twilight.
Kristen Stewart (interrupting) -He was not sure that he would be called to New Moon and was there, devoting himself, training. He didn’t know if he would play Jacob again. So when he returned, it was a delight. He is dedicated. He deserves.
Q.- What were your favorite scenes, both Twilight and New Moon?

Taylor Lautner -The flashback scene that takes place in Twilight. Wow, can not believe I’m admitting it now (laughs). And in New Moon, the scene where Jacob comes into the room of the Bella, climbing the walls. I practiced a lot to do this scene. From 3 to 4 hours per day.
Kristen Stewart - I agree. This one from the room was great! In Twilight, the scene where Bella pushes Edward is my favorite.
Q.- What must the girls, who idolize Bella, do to be like her, to dress like her, since Bella has become an icon of fashion and behavior?
Kristen Stewart -I don’t know! They should watch the movie. And Bella is not a fashion icon. She doesn’t worry about it. She wears anything that let her warm and comfortable. Only.Taylor Lautner - it’s because Kristen is always beautiful, no matter what she is wearing (laughs).
Q- What did you have time to see while you were here these two days?

Taylor Lautner -Not much. But surely we arranged to go to one of the famous Brazilian barbecue restaurants. Loved it. And I am surprised by the number of buildings in São Paulo.
Kristen Stewart - We were the last 24 hours inside the hotel.

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