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Tu Magazine Interview with ROB

Honestly, I think it’s all part of the illusion of filmmaking. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary to be so famous. It all comes down to those five minutes of emotions that you give to people and that’s nice to feel. It’s part of the magic and everything that comes from making movies.
The expectations, the dreams, the fantasies; it’s all an illusion. I’m a very normal guy, I can promise you that.

Yes, I love traveling all over the world and being at a Festival like Cannes. Having those five minutes of Glamour and excitement is amazing, as long as I can have my normal life back. Those are the moments that you can only have making movies and you have to enjoy them. But the best part of it is when you go home (laughs).

Facing crowds. I’m very shy. The fact that I have to walk down the streets and knowing that people will recognize me and scream my name is something that makes me a bit paranoid. I can’t be anywhere for over 20 minutes, because with the Internet and how fast news travel, I become surrounded by paparazzi and fans.

(laughs) Yes and no. At first, girls can feel attracted to that, but then they realise you’re a real human being, with flaws and qualities, and there can be a certain disappointment. Many times girls find out that everything about you was just a fantasy. I think, in the end, I’m just like any other guy. I can’t be what everybody else wants me to be, I’m just me. And you can find many girls that have preconceived ideas of you, or imaginary things and that can be a problem, because when people find out you’re not really like that, they are disappointed. I have to confess that before making this movie I believed that the being famous could help me get more girls, but then I realized that is not as easy as I thought it was. In the end, if you like a girl, you still have to work hard at winning her over! (laughs)

That I have to be very careful with what I say and the information I share. I’ve learned not to share too much. But that’s a life lesson that anyone can learn from. You have to think things through before you open your mouth.

Being a pianist. Music fascinates me, I love it. It’s my passion. And I think I could’ve been very happy with being close to a piano and make a living out of it.

I know, but sometimes I try not to think too much about it because it scares me to death. I feel that things are happening so fast and I have to constantly choose without having any time to analyze, because if I do, I might miss my chance to do it. You can’t be an actor who can afford to wait five years to do his next movie if he feels like it. You have to find the best job for you in the next months, otherwise, the industry and the people will forget very quickly about you. So you make a commitment to stay efficient and quick when you’re going to choose what’s next. When you have nothing to lose, it’s great, because you just accept the challenge and try to make it work. But when you really want a long term career and build a good image, all of this becomes a very stressful thing.

I want more than the film being successful, to have more freedom to choose other projects that I want to do later. That’s why I hope the movie does great. That’s how the industry works, and to be able to do what I like to do things need to be able to go well and succeed, right?

Not really (laughs). The truth is that I was refusing to audution for this role for months because after reading the book I thought it made no sense to show up, I swear! To me, who ever played Edward had to be some sort of model, with the perfect body and someone who was able to do the most physical performance. And I don’t see myself that way at all. So I thought “Fine, I’ll go to the audition, I’ll be myself, and that’s the best thing I can do”. I never thought I would get the lead

I’ve never really fallen in love, but I try to be as romantic as possible. A year ago I could’ve walked up to any girl and neither would’ve been interested. I’m looking for someone with character. If I ever find her, you know what I would do? I would write her hundreds of love letters

Yes, but I really started with that almost at the end of the movie. And I did it mostly to feel better about myself. I didn’t just want to have muscles and a perfect six pack, I wanted to be as healthy as possible. That shows in your attitude and in your confidence.

Sure! I played a lot of music in London and I always remember those days when I took a ride in my car and thinking how being a musician was the coolest job in the world. I imagined myself playing in restaurants by the beach, with sunsets next to the ocean. I play the piano since I was five, so music is part of who I am.

I don’t know. I’m very sensitive and shy. I have supernatural powers too (laughs). No, i wish I did. But I’m too normal.

I can’t say much because it’s a secret. The idea is to surprise people and even though it’s based on the books, Chris Weitz gave it his touch, so you have to go see it! What I can assure you is that it will be visually stunning. Chris is a genius and he loves to explore the New Moon world to the fullest. You can’t miss it. I haven’t seen it and I’m dying to see it.

This interview is one of several obviously done during Rob's visit to Cannes festival, surfacing now that New Moon is 40 days away! (jumping up & down yey!!). You could still get a glimpse of good old Rob! I left out the questions so that you can just imagine that Rob is talking to you;) -L.

Images via Robert Pattinson Source - Full interview & scans at Robsessed here!


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