Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fan Made Vampire Bella Banner!

This beautiful vampire Bella Banner with the newly released Breaking Dawn II title just rocks! I don't recall seeing this photo which adds to my excitement!

via vampirearmy


woobie said...

I think the reason you have not seen this be4 is that it is not original. Someone thought they did a good job, but really... not everyone is great with photoshop.
The banner you used to have was not original with the red eyes but looked 100 times more believable. I do miss it too. I like the new background and banner too, you are always doing a great job! But I do miss the older version, I definitly prefered it. It was somewhat more Twilightish.

Apotamkin said...

I like it a lot it seems like a different angle at when she opened her eyes! I loved the old lay out too it is a signature for Apotamkin, this is the DVD look lol I will come up with something different with the old banner hopefully soon:)

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