Friday, February 17, 2012

Bel Ami Premier Red Carpet Pix in Berlin

Robert Pattinson in the first screen shots at Bel Ami Red Carpet! made them as fast as I could!

Love that the Pattinsons Richard, Claire, Victoria an Lizzy were all there to support Patty Boy! That was absolutely a fantastic premier to watch!


JGM1721 said...

Wow-- I just skimmed through those pictures and it wasn't until you mentioned his family that I went back and saw them!! That is great that they are supporting him. Where is Kristin?

Apotamkin said...

i m disappointed she didnt show up, fans on facebook think, it should be all about him not them, I don't know, I was hoping he shows up for her in May for SWATH I wanted to go and see them both:(

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