Friday, September 2, 2011

Kristen featured in I was Broken by Marcus Foster

It is such a wonderful gesture of Kristen to be part of Marcus Foster's music video (Rob's best friend)! we all know Rob sang Marcus's "I was Broken" live before now Foster's music video is officially released and will immediately spread like fire because our dear girl is their showing big support..Hail to the Brit pack:)

and an excuse to repost Rob's live performance..


I was tied, but now unbound
My head is off the ground
For a long time I was so weary
Tired of the sound, I've heard before,
The gnawing of the night time at the door,
Haunted by the things I've made
Stuck between the burning light and the dust shade.
I said now I used to think the past was dead and gone,
But I was wrong, so wrong, whatever makes you blind
Must make you strong, make you strong,
In my time I've melted into many forms
From the day that I was born, I know that there's no place to hide
Stuck between the burning shade and the fading light,
I was broken, For a long time, but It's over now.

Yes and you, and you,
Well you walk these lonely streets that people send, People send.
There are some wounds that just can't mend, I do pretend, pretend,
I am free from all the things that take my friends
But I will stand hear till the end, I know that I can take the moon,
In between the burning shade and the fading light
I was broken, for a long time, but It's over now
I was broken, for a long time, but It's over now

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