Friday, September 30, 2011

Apotamkin Celebrates 2nd Anniversary!

Today Apotamkin turns two years old! I awe my persistence to an “irrevocable” love to Rob and Kristen for materializing the best Saga ever and to you my dearest devoted visitors :)

Apotamkin is not just another twilight fan blog, it is my refuge and my therapy because ironically at this point in my life it is the only thing that gives me a little sense of self worth :)
It’s very personal, an interpretation of how I perceive Twilight rather than mechanically documenting each and everything that happens in that fantastic blogging zone.
It was a huge journey of self discovery so far of learning how to be literally free! Sharing my art work and humble opinion without fear of being judged has really been so fulfilling.

I won’t exaggerate if I say that those two years were the happiest of my life where most of the time I felt I was me and not what any one expects of me. It was indeed my little revolution:)

It would be really hard to get at this point next year because it would mean an era of Twilight blogging is over but I’m sure it will lead hopefully to other phenomenal projects from Stephenie, Rob and Kristen to keep blogging away.

Happy Second anniversary to Apotamkin the Cold One of Egypt, I’m deeply honored to be part of this awesome fan base…Love.

Lamiaa aka Apotamkin


woobie said...

Happy Anniversary # 2 ♥!!!
I have been your fan for pretty much the complete 2 years. This blog has been my refuge, favorite entertainment, first go-to blog every day and a gateway to new friendships. You have made my day on many occasions and I have learned from you. Keep doing what you do, I will keep coming!

Apotamkin said...

thank you sweetie so much you and Jan are so dear to me you are the only voices I here speaking back to me and make it all a lot far from being insane so thank you dearest for your friendship and support :))

JGM said...

Well, we may be the only voices in hear, but you know you have many fans who stop by and see what you have up to show each day. Happy 2 year anniversary! You have really grown in your talents at creating this blog. It is truly a work of art, Lamia!!

Apotamkin said...

thanks Janit is the boosts that all of you charge me with that makes it all worth a while bb:)

Anonymous said...


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